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A Guide To Hanging Your Artwork

Here are some helpful guidelines for hanging your new painting in your home

Ideal height for best visual impact

The visual appeal of your painting is significantly impacted by the height it hangs. All too often paintings are hung too high.


  • The centre of the artwork should be at eye level - this allows for a pleasing interaction with the painting as intended by the artist as well as creating maximum impact in the room

    • 147 - 157 cm / 58 to 62 inches from the floor.

  • Above Furniture

    • When hanging artwork above furniture, ensure it is around 15 - 20 cm / 6 - 8 inches above the piece.

  • Gallery Wall Height:

    • Maintain a consistent height across multiple pieces in a gallery wall * tip: place artworks on floor until a pleasing arrangement is reached, then measure and hang


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