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"Capturing the Essence of the Sea: A Look at Two New Ocean-Inspired Paintings"

During the hot summer months in the studio I find myself drawn to cooling blue hues. I'm forever inspired by the ocean, its energy and power. I love how it can convey both energy and peacefulness at the same time.

Our farm is not too far from the coast, some 40 minutes drive to the stunning beaches of the Barrington Coast.

'Stay Forever' and 'Solitude' were both painted with an intention of capturing the essence of the ocean. Although they bring different feelings and mood, they will infuse peace and energy to any space.

They will be equally at home in the boardroom, the reception of a tranquil day spa, the bedroom, living area or a luxurious dining room - as illustrated in the settings below.

'Stay Forever'


I always wonder where my pieces will find their forever home.

'Stay Forever' and 'Solitude' (123 x 93 cm framed in oak) will be exhibiting and available for purchase at the Affordable Art Fair in Sydney, 13 to 16 June, 2024.

I will soon send a link to a free VIP pass to the event to my subscribers (sign up here)


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