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Artospective blog post interview, 2017

Calm a series of Abstract Paintings by Karin Cutler from Sydney.

Looking Back

An Interview with Karin Cutler.

Who and from where are you?

I’m Karin Cutler, a mixed media painter living in Sydney with my husband and two children. I was born in Sweden and spent my early childhood in Stockholm.

How you got into this?

Responding to a strong desire to live a more creative life, I started painting full-time and selling my paintings a few years ago, allowing art to come to the forefront instead of lurking in the sidelines. I have always enjoyed various creative pursuits and eventually found my way to painting, which is now my greatest creative passion.

What is your driving force?

I simply have to paint. It allows me to channel my emotions, express myself, and add meaning. Almost everything around me, be it nature, travels or my everyday life inspires me. I particularly love imperfections, organic shapes, and rough textures: anything from weathered rock formations, bark, the ocean on rainy days, to cracked plaster and peeling paint on old walls. My art passion is consuming, when I’m not painting I’m either reading something art related, looking at art, or thinking about how to work something I’m looking at into my art. It provides me with a wonderful sense of purpose…..and a long to-do list that doesn’t get done!

What kind of work you do and why? 

I love to use mixed media in my painting with varying levels of abstraction. I describe my process as sensory, spontaneous, emotionally guided interactions with the canvas - I paint what I feel rather than what I see. I love to turn up at the canvas with an intention rather than a plan, an emotion, a desire to explore, focusing on the elements of movement, texture and light. I intuitively respond to marks I make, adding layers, covering over, then etching and scratching back to reveal something beneath. I love the viewer to discover new details over time.

Tell Us about your Series "Calm".

‘Calm’ is a continuing series that I paint in response to a need to create peace and tranquility in our frenetic lives. Initially, the marks may be energetic and emotional, then further layers act to create simplicity and calm. Occasionally a hint of a realistic element tries to appear and I may allow that to happen.I hope the viewer will feel a sense of calm and intrigue when looking at this series.

Moving Forward

Without Fear

Don't Dwell On It

All I See Is You

So Close

Find A Way

Anything and Everything

Anywhere and Everywhere 

Tidal Wash


For more of Karin Cutler Check this link of her Instagram account:- or her website

All Images are copyright by: Karin Cutler

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